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Volvo Parts Salvage Yards in SoCal

For you parts hounds who don't mind getting dirty, we have added a listing of Southern California Auto Salvage Yards that have Volvos or Volvo parts.  Self-service yards are the most popular, however we welcome entries for any yards offering Volvo parts.  The comments below were sent in from a variety of parts hunters. 

If you know of a self-serve or full-serve yard with Volvo parts in SoCal, let us know.  Please send your info to Dave Barton at the email address in the left column.


General admission is usually $2. 
Most are open 7 days per week.

Ecology, Oceanside
2315 Carpenter Road, Oceanside, CA (760) 757-7770. 
Frequently a good supply of 240 models and occasional 740's. This is one of the smaller yards so selection is limited.

, Chula Vista
800 Energy Way, Chula Vista, CA (619) 409-9200. 
Good selection of 200 and 700's.  Better than average parts available.  The Chula Vista Ecology's are divided into import only and domestic only.  This is the import yard  This is a good-sized place with a good turnover rate.

Brown Field/San Diego
1180 Heritage Road, San Diego, CA (619) 409-9200. 
Just a few miles from the Chula Vista yard.   Located in an area filled with salvage yards, salvage vehicle sales lots and other goodies. You will find 240's and a few good 740's.  Opens at 7:30 am.

, Adelanto
11200 Alden Road, Adelanto, CA (760) 246-8616. 
A lonely, forgotten yard filled with lonely, forgotten and sun-baked cars.  Worth a visit once in a while if you are in the area.

15228 Boyle Ave. Fontana, CA 92337 (909) 356-1860.
All foreign yard with a few Volvos on a good day.

, Lancaster
43927 90th St. East, Lancaster, CA (661) 946-1076. 
Dirt and sand lot that's mixed of domestics and imports.  A few Volvo's scattered about.  Uncrowded, but otherwise nothing too spectacular.  Worth it if you're in the area.

, Wilmington
1000 East Lomita, Wilmington, CA (310) 835-Junk. 
 Good selection of 240s and 740s. They do not have a posted parts price list, but they are very reasonable.

, Santa Fe Springs
13780 East Imperial Highway, Santa Fe Springs, CA (714) 994-0703. 
Heavily visited by salvage hounds.  OK selection.  Has a high turn-over.  Opens at 7:00 am.

, Rialto
221E. Santa Ana Ave, Rialto, CA  (909) 877-6934
.  Clean yard. Has a foreign car section with some scattered Volvos if your lucky. 

Pick A Part
, Riverside
3760 Pyrite St., Riverside, CA (909) 685-6744
.  Decent separate foreign car section, but Volvos are few and the turn-over is slow… slower sometimes for Volvos. I have seen rows of cars change several times over a period of months with the same lonely, stripped out 240 on the end with a new date painted on it (???).  It's worth a periodic visit because occasionally you get lucky.  The yard is next door to Hillside Auto Parts, a full-service yard that is very pricey. They wanted $25 for a 740 ashtray.  I strongly suspect the good cars go there first, then when used up, they go to Pick A Part.

Pick A Part
, San Bernardino
407 E. 9th Street, San Bernardino, CA.
Fair sized foreign car section with a few Volvos scattered.  Better selection of Volvos than the Riverside yard, but this place has also been guilty of leaving old Volvo heaps for months while replenishing other cars all around them.

Pick A Part
, Monrovia
3333 Peck Rd. (near Live Oak Ave), Monrovia, CA (626) 445-2922. 
You take your chances on finding ANY Volvos because they don't keep track of what comes in. Volvos are still way back in the corner - there were only a couple.

Pick A Part,  Compton -- 2050 E. Shauer St.  (310) 632-4181 

Pick And Pull
,  Victorville -- 17229 Gasline Road.  (760) 241-8414.  Their other name is American Best Tow.  It's a big and uncrowded.  Some areas are paved, some dirt and sand, and there are a few inclines so it's not an easy walk.  Around 10 Volvo's of various makes and models scattered about with very slow turnover - some cars will remain for nearly a year.  Parts selection is decent, and prices are sometimes better than other self-serve yards.  Worth a visit once in a while.

Pick The Part,
Santa Paula
936 Mission Rock Road, Santa Paula CA 93060  805-933-5557 
$2 entry. Gravel/dirt lot. Foreign cars occupy roughly 1/4 of the lot. Vans & pickups 1/4, and domestic cars the other 1/2.  There's another car dismantler next door;  I forget their name.  There are related businesses, including Cars-4-Causes in the neighborhood. Access is off CA Hwy 126 at Briggs Road.

Pick Your Part
, Chula Vista
880 Energy Way, Chula Vista, CA (619) 482-3770, 
Just down the street from the Ecology yard.  This lot generally contains a dozen good Volvo wrecks.  Typically a good place to get body panels and glass.  Turn-over is fairly good (check at least once a month).

Pick Your Part
,  Anaheim
1235 South Beach Boulevard, Anaheim, CA (714) 385-1301.
A popular yard with many of our members.  Clean and paved.  Fairly good turn-over of stock but fewer Volvos than some of the other yards.  Opens at 7:30 am. 

Pick Your Part
,  Sun Valley
11201 Pendleton, Sun Valley, CA. 
Great, GREAT yard.  They have probably a good 40-50 rows of cars, and they were turning the rows over on a *Sunday* the last time I was there.  Apparently stock flips very fast.  Good number of Volvos.  Concrete paved lot with all the cars up on welded stanchions -- nice and stable.

Pick Your Part,
5311 S. Union, Bakersfield, CA
(661) 833-5656.  (YOUR COMMENT WELCOME)

Pick Your Part
,  Wilmington
1903 & 1232 Blinn, Wilmington, CA  (800) 962-CARS.   
Went to both lots on Blinn.  Separate $2 admission charge for each lot + $2 for the "Primo" ('88 and newer) section at 1232 Blinn.  There was a total of perhaps 12 Volvos on the lots and they were heavily picked over.

U Pick Parts,   Sun Valley
11409 Penrose St, Sun Valley, CA  (323) 875-1105   
This yard is utter garbage.  I've been there three times over the span of 4 months, and there are European cars there that were there the FIRST time I visited the yard.  Everything in the yard is dirty, and the cars are held up on two steel wheels -- rather hairy.  The cars they do get tend to be very, VERY beat to hell as well, and mostly stripped.  The Foreign section (if you can call it that) is about 5 rows of cars. Not worth the $2. 

U Pick Parts, 
Los Angeles
8103 S. Alameda St, Los Angeles, CA.  (323) 583-1094 

U Pick U Save
, Pomona
1560 E. Mission, Pomona, CA  (909) 623-6108. 
Dirty, dusty place with a small  European section in the corner.  Usually one or two Volvos, but they sit there for too long.

U Pick U Save, 
17800 S. Vermont Ave, Gardena, CA (310) 327-0400   

FULL SERVICE YARDS where Volvos can be found

Certified Auto Salvage
, Santa Ana
904 East 2nd Street, Santa Ana, CA  (714) 835-4137. 
99% Volvo. Not clean at all (they're working on it). Many 700s, 200s, not sure about other models. Not so much turnover, but rather many incoming and no outgoing. Many parts already pulled, some sitting outside collecting the weather. Can get new parts if needed; such as new aftermarket lights and lenses. Prices are quite expensive, but can generally find what you're looking for.   Beware of their NO Return Policy: At least one customer was sold a part for the wrong year Volvo and they refused to refund or exchange it.

Daytona Auto Salvage & Parts, Volvo Specialists, 
10235 Glenoaks Blvd #A, Pacoima, CA  (818) 834-0051. 
They did let me pick some stuff off the lower level cars myself. 99% Volvo, with a Saab, Jeep and a van.  Not sure of turnover, looks as though stuff sits there until its literally picked clean.

De La Huerta Auto Salvage
(Specializing in Volvo), Duarte
852 Alpha Street, Duarte, CA  (626) 358-7316 
 It is a relatively small yard, but I saw more Volvo's there than at all of the other yards I visited in total. 

Price Auto Parts
, Santa Ana
905 East 2nd Street, Santa Ana, CA (714) 542-4421.
Directly across street from Certified Auto Salvage.  A self-serve general salvage yard with the occasional Volvo (Prices there are borderline free!!).

R.C. Imports,
Chula Vista
777 Energy Way, Chula Vista, CA  (619) 421-7151. 
Volvos are all that they offer.  A small yard with most of the vehicles disassembled and the parts organized and well stocked.  Located just west of the Ecology yards, up a long driveway. It is run by a father and son and very helpful.  If needed they will install parts at a reasonable price. Good friendly people.

, Brown Field/San Diego
935-D Heritage Road, San Diego, CA   (619) 661-0222. 
Primarily a M-Benz source, but will occasionally have a Volvo.  Worth a call once in a while to check their stock.  Located at the north end of Heritage Rd. (off the beaten path).  Call for directions before visiting.

Thomas Auto Salvage
, Gardena
440 E. Redondo Beach Blvd, Gardena, CA  (310) 327-2950, service dismantler and Volvo Specialist.  Customer Comment: I have found them to be helpful and friendly.  Thomas is an older guy and doesn't deal with the customers that much.  Their prices are ok and the premises are clean.  You are not allowed where the cars are and they get things for you.  They usually have several used Volvos for sale that they have put together. 

Trolley Auto Parts
, San Diego
2966 Commercial Avenue, San Diego, CA  (619) 234-4141. 
Focuses on high-end European automakers (BMW, Mercedes, Volvo).  Cars are stacked up, four vehicles high on a rack system, and you ask for the parts you need.  This yard was referred to me by my mechanic.  Good turnover. 

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