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Welcome to the Southern California Chapter of VCOA
This is SoCal VCOA, or "SCVCOA" for short.  Founded in 1999, we are an official chapter of the Volvo Club of America.  VCOA is a non-profit organization and all officers and directors are unpaid volunteers.

The Volvo Club of America is a national organization of Volvo owners and enthusiasts.  We welcome and encourage participation of owners of ALL years and models of Volvo.  Joining VCOA has many benefits.  This local chapter does not charge any additional membership fees.  We also welcome non-member guests to any and all of our events.   

Basically, if you love Volvos as we do, and you're not yet a VCOA member, we can't think of a better time than right now to join.  It's an excellent value.  As a member of VCOA you will receive a subscription to our national club magazine,
Rolling (which is the finest car club publication on the planet). You'll have access to useful discounts at various Volvo dealers and other related businesses. To join VCOA, you may click on any 'join VCOA' link or go to

The position of Chapter President for this chapter is currently vacant.  If you are interested in leading this chapter, please contact the VCOA chapter coordinator at:

The SoCal Chapter is also seeking members who would like to help make this a better chapter by volunteering a little time with some of our local meets.  Or if your interested, consider volunteering to organize a local get-together, Volvo drive, show 'n' shine, or BBQ in your area. SoCal is pretty BIG. We can definitely use more representation in most areas of Southern California.

Please check our CALENDAR OF EVENTS regularly.  We add Volvo Club events continually… club meets, shows, drives, etc.  Our calendar also includes many non-VCOA events that might interest you, including local events hosted by Volvo Sports America where all Volvo owners are invited.  We welcome all Volvos, new ones, old ones, pretty ones, ugly ones… works of art or works in progress… it doesn't matter.  Everyone is welcome.  Come out and join us.

We maintain extensive On-Line Photo Albums from our local events and many larger regional meets.  You'll find the links to our albums in the Past Event Photos page.

ANY AND ALL VOLVO ENTHUSIASTS are invited to join our SCVCOA Yahoo Discussion Group.  It's FREE!   To have a look or subscribe, click the Yahoo link above or click here.  Posting a message is as easy as sending an email.  This group will connect you with over 250 other local SCVCOA group subscribers.  You may receive and/or post questions about Volvos, discuss meets, find Volvo repair advice or shop recommendations, etc.  We also post our Club-related event announcements through this group. 

And has also opened up discussion forums for all VCOA chapters.  To check the forum for our chapter (or any other chapters) CLICK HERE.

SoCal Chapter Officers

President: VACANT

Inland Empire Region

Leadership Help Wanted

Do you have a little free time and enjoy participating in Volvo related activities?  SoCal is a big area and we can use your help.  Let us know!

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